Stellar Jay


Stellar’s Jay, Mount Rainier, WA, 2012

Send me to the wildlife preserve
indigenous, endangered
like tenacious Stellar’s Jay
blue bearing, bold begging bird
breaking barriers of gold
bow beneath the old branch
now is her chance
fledged the retreat
perched in comfort and ease
release, release
to the deciduous discomforts
and coniferous inhabitants
eat of the crumbs which fall from his table
feathers her nest with sticks plucked from the fire
spot the field mark in her prominent crest
wings soar the summit border
farther, still farther
she’s prepared beyond measure
with higher education
emerge, who can afford a lapse in concentration
traded all in for something strangely better
broken box of precious
weep and wash his feet
kiss, anoint with ointment
true condition see
this journey’s too great
send him, the Great Missionary

A New Christmas Poem for You

48″x24″ wood carving of Mary and Angel Gabriel
discovered on the back of a wooden table
a suprise from my groom
Open your baby brown eyes
peek through the hole in the sky
launched to the Earth in the flesh
gold, myrrh, and burnt frankincense

the House of Bread, 0h, Bethlehem
no need to visit the holy lands
your baby footprints are here in my hands
in the silent night
and sure word, but a sword                                       Matt 10:34
the Christ was born
the Christ was born

don’t drift away, I’ll pray to three
don’t drift away, stay here on my knee

I saw your star as it rose
you broke in my scattered snow globe
washing of water over the oceans
my ice covered evergreen trees

the House of Bread, 0h, Bethlehem
no need to visit the holy lands
your grown up footprints are here in my sand
in the silent night
and sure word, but a sword
the Christ was born
the Christ was born

don’t drift away, I’ll count to three
don’t drift away, stay here on my knee

~ Mary

Snow Angel Anniversary Poetry

For my wonderful groom
who’s worthy of his hire
and too valuable to lose
I hang on his heart wires
my something borrowed
my something new
who loves me
and talks real good
who stacks the deck for me
and lets me boss him all day too

December 24, 2014
11 year anniversary poem
Atlanta Botanical Garden of Lights


My compassionate friend
and wonderful groom
the Lord has given
the gift of you

you’re like a silver house band
around our brightest treasures
stronger than energy bonds
good to me beyond measure

like “Fifty First Dates”
I’ve been stricken every day
how much you really love me
a year of growing pains

your faithfulness has never failed
your gentle hands deserve to be trusted
but I have set it in my soul
to hold my cards close

you’re more than I could ask
so committed to finish
our everlasting task
to create beauty from ashes

our love is bigger
than the passage of time and space
and my body’s been blinded by
the light of your face

Many More Merrythoughts
I Love You,

December 24, 2015
12 year anniversary poem
Opryland Hotel
opryland hotel

Morning Meds

John Singer Sargent’s “Venetian Interiors”

Will you make a New Year’s Resolution with me? I want you to take your morning meds. You will be naturally empowered to love yourself well with my nurse recommended Christmas package promoter.

While I was in Nashville this past weekend, I recognized how difficult it is to consume a plant based diet while traveling, and I was left to scavage knock-off Garden of Edens. It is even more difficult to extract every essential supplement out of our green market produce grown under ag practices today, even if I try to eat three Thai meals a day at Nashville’s, “The Smiling Elephant.” I wish we were from another planet, and I could eliminate all external forces, random chances and freak accidents. I wish we would invest in our health every day. Primary prevention is my game plan.

Great medical care is priceless. The moral stakes in the health reform battle are enormous, and profound. At issue is the very way we think about health care, and about ourselves as community. As a registered nurse, I feel obligated to open a wholistic nursing care & health hostel within the next ten years. Why the long term goal? Because, I am currently serving another seven year ministry term for Laban, I have six oil paintings lined up for 2016 (3 are large canvases), and I have two elementary aged boys to manage as a case worker.

Private, wholistic nursing services provided at the health hostel would include, but are not limited to:

-recommend and provide dietary vitamins, minerals, and supplements
-fresh pressed juice bar
-house salad bar
-raw and hot vegetarian meals
-medicinal home remedies
-hydrotherapy, including sauna
-massage therapy with essential oils and magnesium sulfate to feed the muscles
-“unlocking” musculo-skeletal therapy

This wholistic nursing care & health hostel will require dedication, long hours, commitment, and collaboration. I’m not really motivated to practice nursing these days, because stress is a major league player in the disEase process. I essentially need clients and nursing role models who can say, “I am willing to go to any lengths for my health.”

“Burn the idea into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone. The only condition is that he trust in God and clean house. We are convinced that a spiritual mode of living is a most powerful health restorative.” – Alcoholics Anonymous page 98, and 133

Such clients WILL get better. What is there to lose?  I do not like to violate my HIPPA compliance, or to say, “I’m cured.”  The best I can explain is,  “I am cured today!”  I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) when I was 16, that demanded aggressive medical treatment every two years. May of 2009 was my last hospitalization, because I became willing to do all that I have outlined above. I wish I could pinpoint the exact factor that turned my auto-immune system around, but I believe what I tripped over is a total package: water, diet & nutrition, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, prayer & meditation, and Sabbath rest. I like to feel complete.

I have an insane, “all or nothing,” cell membrain, so I have compiled a supplement, vitamin, and mineral list to cover the top leading causes of death in America ( Visit today, and toss some bottles in your €£F stocking for optimal health in 2016. Don’t say I never gave you anything for Christmas and a healthy New Year!

Sequestrant: Activated Charcoal 450mg q 8 or q 12 hours, or 1 1/2 tsp mixed in 8oz water q 8 hours or q 12 hours, separated from all other meds, vitamins, supplements by 90 minutes

>Supplement Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Organic Superfood. Available in 2.5g Omega-3, 500mg Omega-6 per tBsp by Nutiva. $15/24oz. Take one tBsp (15cc) q day. Take after eating. May swallow straight by the spoonful or mix in juice, applesauce, or on your morning bowl of oatmeal. Keep refrigerated. Helps body metabolize fat. Keeps brain and organs insulated and protected. Maintains cellular processes. Skin becomes super soft inside out from cell saturation. Prevents stretch marks from pregnancy and rapid weight fluctuations.

>Supplement Primal Defense ULTRA Probiotic Formula. Available in 34 probiotic strains per capsule by Garden of Life. $28/60 capsules. Used for the gut, our “second brain.” All organs and systems rely on the health of the digestive tract, and 75% of the cells necessary for the immune system to function effectively are connected to the gastrointestional tract. Keep in refrigerator. Begin with 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating. Gradually increase to 1 capsule TID. Restores gastrointestinal  bacterial flora. Provides protein digesting enzymes for added digestive support.

Supplement 100% pure Oil of Oregano. Available by NOW essential oils. $8/1oz. Take three drops q day, and up to 3x daily if acutely ill with viral or bacterial infection. Mix pure Oil of Oregano as a 1:1 ratio with cold pressed olive oil in a seperate glass dropper bottle. It is very effective for acute and chronic (bronchitis, emphysema, asthma) respiratory health, including the sinuses. Take on a full stomach. Use medicine dropper to place 3-5 drops UNDER tongue and chase down with 4oz water, keeping tongue pressed firmly against back of upper teeth to prevent an unpleasant burning sensation.

>Yeast/Fungal Detox BID by Nature’s Sunshine.

> CBD Oil 60mg/gtt 1 gttt q 4 hrs

>Essential Amino Complex TID with meals available by Solgar

>Chlorophyll 1 TBsp BID

>Supplement Vibrant Health Super Natural Calcium® Chai Spice; Super Natural Calcium Plant Based Raw Food from Hydrilla Verticillata and Marine Algae; Hydrilla is a fresh water plant rich in calcium and some B vitamins. Lithothamnium are species of calcium forming marine algae. Available in 30 day drink powder by Vibrant Health MS Clinical Nutrition. $19.96/4.56 oz. As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) scoop (enclosed) daily. Supports Nerve & Skeletal Health

>Herbal Tea, Cinnamon Berry Probiotic Balance by Yogi. Available in 16 tea bags/$4 to brew in 8oz boiling water.The probiotic in this tart herbal tea, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (Organic Inulin), has a protective outer shell that allows it to survive the tea blending and steeping processes, only activating once the probiotic meets the digestive system where conditions are optimal.

>Herbal Tea, Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy by Yogi. Available in 16 tea bags/$4 to brew in 8oz boiling water. This herbal tea contains amino acid L-Theanine Suntheanine, Gotu Kola Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Shatavari Root, Shankpushpi Leaf, Green Tea, Assam Black Tea, with Vanilla Bean and exotic spices help energize the body and focus the mind. Each tea bag contains 70mg caffeine.

>Herbal Tea, Spice Dragon Red Chai by STASH. Available in 18 tea bags/$4 to brew in 8oz boiling water. Rooibos combines with Clove, Ginger Root and sweet Cinnamon to create my favorite sweet and spicy chai. Caffeine free.

>Supplement Ubiquinol (Active CoQ10). 600-900mg BID. Available in 100mg capsules by Natural Factors. $55/120 caps. Start with loading dose of 300mg for 2-3 weeks, then drop down to thereafter. Anti-oxidant. Boosts immune systems. Reduces inflammation. Improves energy levels.

>Supplement Astaxanthin. Available in 4mg capsules by Jarrow Formuls. $12/60 caps. A most powerful antioxidant. Reduces serious oxidative stresses within the body. Works on cellular mitochondria. Improves skin elasticity and moisture levels. Supports eye health like a 24 carrot ♦.

>Supplement Super Rhodiola Rosea. Available in 500mg capsules by Solaray. $17/60 caps . Boosts immune system and reduces fatigue.

>Supplement Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane Mushroom) 1/2 tsp mixed in plain yogurt TID. Regrows myelin in the central nervous system.

>Ultimate Woman Multivitamin BID available @ Vitamin Shoppe

>Vitamin B12. Available in 5,000mcg SL tabs by Natural Factors. $15/60 tabs. Improves energy levels and aids mental health function. Recommended for veg-aholics who miss this essential vitamin from their diet.

>Vitamin B7 (Biotin) Available in 5000 mcg fast dissolve strawberry by Natrol. $7.33/90 tabs. A water-soluble vitamin that’s a part of the vitamin B complex — a group of key nutrients needed for healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions.

>Vitamin D3 + K2. 5,000 IU BID. Available in 1,000 IU (international units) + Vitamin K2 45mcg SL (sub-lingual) tablets by KAL. . $12/60 tabs. Essential for bone health.

>Vitamin D3. Available in 2,000 IU SL tablets by KAL. $8/100 chewable cinnamon tabs. I chew 5/day for maximum strength dosing. Natrol makes a D3 10,000IU tablet, purchased at The Vitamin Shoppe in Atlanta. An extra D3 boost for bone health and supports immune function.

>Vitamin C. 3,000mg BID. If there is a miracle drug, it is Vitamin C, across the board. Sorry, Ponce de Leon, the fountain of youth was just a super orange fizzy drink, and there is plenty compelling research out there. Check it out. Available in 1,000 mg vitamin C + 24 nutrients + 7 B vitamins in a powdered super orange drink mix by Emergen-C. $10/30 packets. I mix two a day for maximum strength dosing.  IV vitamin C is something I’m looking into.  Electrolyte replacements and antioxidant.

>Mineral, Garden of Life, Dr. Formulated, Magnesium. 175mg powder mixed into water q day.

>Curcumin Compound. (Tumeric Spice). Available in capsule form as an extract. I add a tablespoon to baked brown rice, which is below therapeutic levels, but adds a very nice yellow curry color with a side of red beans. Tumeric spice is 800x more effective mixed with oil in a 1/4 teaspoon. Outshines as a neuroprotective agent. Anti-inflammatory agent, lowers risk of ♥ disease. Check it out.

>Prescription Drug Copaxone 20mg SQ q day, is thought to act by modifying immune processes that are believed to be responsible for the pathogenesis of MS, suppressing T-cells are induced and activated in the periphery. Some fraction of the injected material enter the lymphatic circulation, enabling it to reach regional lymph nodes, and some may enter the systemic circulation. Copaxone consists of acetate salts of synthetic polypeptides containing four naturally occurring amino acids:L-glutamic acid, L-alanine, L-tyrosine, and L-lysine and is identified by specific antibodies. Discontinued 3/2019

>Prescription Drug Low Dose Naltrexone. People who have multiple sclerosis that has led to muscle spasms are advised to use only 3mg daily and to maintain that dosage. Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy in Atlanta. $45/30 day supply. Discontinued 8/2019

• You can consult with a physician to have a blood chemistry panel, blood iron level, and B12 level prior to using products, especially if you are pregnant or lactating.
• In my experience, these vitamins, minerals, and supplements are safe, affordable, and effective.
• q day = every day
• All are plant sourced vitamins, minerals, and supplements.
• Most vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements overlap each other in molecular processes, therefore their effectiveness.
• Natural therapies require up to 90 days to see full benefits.
• Benefits listed here are specific to my health needs, but they are great ideas for the general population.
• I order at
• Please visit Dr. Joseph as a reference source for comprehensive information and current medical research
• “Morning Meds” is just a catch phrase. I space the meds out before meals, after meals, AM, and PM.
• Vitamin list updated 02/20/2020

Atlanta Botanical Garden of Lights


One of a kind glass fountain sculpture by Dale Chihuly. Is it water and ice static electricity? It is especially lovely when it is lit up at night.


That’s the 55 floor Bank of America Plaza that marks the Atlanta night skyline. “Oh Atlanta, I hear you calling, I’m coming back to you, one fine day.” Allison Krauss. DSC08351

The distinguished front lawn of the Fuqua Conservatory that houses many species of orchids, tropical and desert environments. Some girlfriends invited me to go to some “botanical shop” in midtown when I first moved to Atlanta in January, 2003. Much has changed since then, including high priced parking, and the holiday light attraction, but it’s still my favorite place to go and be in Atlanta!DSC08375

This is some type of perspective trick. What you’re seeing in the foreground is a circular metal rim with lights spanning to the apex. In the background, you’re seeing some groovy reflection that looks like an intense gravitational pull, where the lights have been compressed into a tiny space. DSC08383


Press This in Your Heart

“Light Awakens the Shadows”
Chris DiDomizio original oil painting
People’s Choice Award
PSA, 2015 Fall Exhibition
“Press This in Your Heart”
O, my little sisters
sitting over there
sorrow in your stare
yellow hat to block the glare
show me where your hope is
O, my little sisters
let me see your blisters
life is not that easy
for a thorn or thistle
put away your pistol
Apostle Paul’s epistles
reached the heart of people (2Cor3:2-3)
a wish of which I witness
press this in your heart
and ~
whistle, whistle, whistle
whistle, whistle, whistle
~ Stacy Sweeney

DSC02779 (1)