“Without an understanding of the relationships of small details, I can not possibly go on to an understanding of the whole enveloping atmosphere and environment. No object is really an isolated phenomenon, but a carefully balanced composition.” – John Singer Sargent.

Spanish Dancer after John Singer Sargent | 2018 | 9″ x 12″, au premier coup | Prismacolor Premier Warm Gray 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% Brushtip markers on heavy white paper

Hair Bow

Hair Bow

I lie low when the wind blows
like my little pink hair bow

so write it all on the line
put my feelings out of mind
this not knowing ninety nine
percent of the time
could this be God’s design?

I lie low when the wind blows
like my little pink hair bow

my moaning heart keeps going
going through the motions
and I’ll do the same wise work
even if it ends tomorrow
all in his way, my fellow
~ Stacy Sweeney


Fishing Net | original work | 2018 | 9″ x 12″, au premier coup | watercolor on 140lb cold press paper


Every place I step in this world I steward
why would I bury treasures in the earth?

in the end I could have done more than for me and mine
most hard things hide a blessing in disguise

bring Christ to every sphere my abundant life to share
let us make our world shalom

cast my bread upon the waters and watch it all return
all I rake with pleasure for what I’ve seen and heard

~ Stacy Sweeney

The New Church

The New Church, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico |
after Ansel Adams |
 | 2018 | 18″ x 24″ charcoal on newsprint

“The idea of selecting an architectural subject suggests my interest as an enthusiast, rather than that as an artist.” ~ §tacy §weeney

As of today, our property owners have changed their mind about hosting UCLife ministry. There is nothing wrong about changing one’s mind. However, I am shocked and disappointed. Pray they change their mind again.
~ §tacy §weeney


Azaleas | Buckhead, Atlanta, GA | Photograph by Stacy Sweeney | 3/2018

“Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.” ~ Song of Songs 2:12

Christian Art

John Singer Sargent | Tyrolese Crucifix | 1911 |Watercolor | The MET

Christian Art

Did your suffering stop
when you died upon the stark?
Do you feel the gnarly cycles
pulsating in the art?

I want to wipe your tears
hear the throb inside your heart.
Underlines are glancing up
here I am, I take part.
~ Stacy Sweeney