Captain’s Log

0745, May 28, 2019
Hi 94° and sunny in Subligna, GA

“Shot at with BB’s”
Dear Me,
I drove to Dalton, GA, this morning to intrercept the portable camp refrigerator from Amazon at the UPS Customer Center. I will leave the Prius at the Johnson’s carriage house, then we will pick up the camp boys in the Honda Odyssey in Atlanta.  That van is jam packed, even the small carrierr hitched to the back holds two black storage boxes from Lowe’s. The first aid box is stocked, although I need to pick up some additional non-stick gauze pads. I had to apply a charcoal and flax meal poultice to Caiden’s face. He was stung by a yellow jacket. Wasps do not like to be shot at with BB’s.
Stacy Sweeney

Yellow Jacket

0742, May, 29,2019
Hi 92°, sunny and breezy at San Fernandina Beach, FL

“Your Momma”
Dear Me,
Despite all the “Your momma!” jokes, there are some courteous boys calling to update their mothers as to their whereabouts along the coast of Florida. I told Deyanciss, Ty’rese, and Dequavious that I didn’t know if they were being motivated by fear of the unknown or if they missed their momma’s voice.

Deyanciss said, “My great, great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian. That makes me a Cherokee.” And I said, “That must make me from the light side of the Cherokee.”
Stacy Sweeney

0646, May, 30, 2019
Hi 93°, sunny and breezy at San Fernandina Beach, FL

“Exploring the Beach”
Dear Me,
I live on miracles and where adults preserve the childhood of all engaged. Like collecting shark teeth as panning for gold. We need these sort of things to keep the kids occupied while exploring the beach. I wonder if Deyanciss, Dequavious, Ty’rese, Keller and Caiden know what they are capable of. These boys collected a total of ten shark teeth. Shark teeth are not seashells. In other words, I’m comparing their future to large scale marine life to small scale invertebrates such as clams, snails, and oysters.

We were eating sandwiches for lunch in Fort Clinch Park when Beverly, a retired P.E. teacher and Clark Atlanta alumni, was strolling by and decided to chat and drop off her leftover veggie pizza for the occupants at our picnic table. God continues to make small, simple provisions for the occupants of his “school bus.”

“This park is the Florida I remember as a little girl growing up.” Beverly said. This summer, we are exchanging their miniature world for a larger world view.
Stacy Sweeney

Seagull at San Fernandina Beach, FL. Photo by Stacy Sweeney.

1011, May, 31, 2019
Hi 88°, partly sunny in Atlanta, GA

“Missing in Action”
Dear Me,
How you tell the story matters. How you survive matters. I like to put the best possible spin on everything. I was voted off Amelia Island.

When you’re camping, you’re camping. I was not prepared for the Florida heat. It was impossible to control the heat. There was no place to go to escape it.

I am disappointed. I do not know what they are going to do without me. They spend 90 percent of their time making sure I am comfortable.

Earth Stratosphere. Photo by Stacy Sweeney.

I wanted to write and be part of a local mission story every day for nine weeks, but the Lord leads some in one direction, and some in another. May it spur you on to vibrant community building, unveiling a sanctuary in every community, home and heart.
Stacy Sweeney

Sabbath School Art ~ Plein Air Teaching Plan

1. Plein Air
a. Plein Air is a French word meaning the act of painting outdoors.
b. Can anyone name a famous plein air artist? JSSargent painted Claude Monet in a painting called, Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of a Wood. Sargent and Monet were not just painting by random outside, they were more accurately capturing the appearance of outdoor settings in various light and weather conditions. It’s like taking your camera outside and snap, snap, snapping away.

John Singer Sargent
Claude Monet Painting at the Edge of a Wood

2. Why Art
a. The goal of art is to communicate your message to the world.
b. At the end of the day, this is a communication process from one set of eyes to another.
c. Nature communicates something to us – the presence of God.
d. He speaks loudly in all that he did. The rain supplies nourishment to the green plants and trees. The trees and plants produce oxygen for our entire planet. The birds and animals make music for our enjoyment and well being. Everything is part of a positive feedback loop of giving.

3. Memory verse:
a. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go: I will guide you with mine eye”
-Psalms 32:8
b. How will God instruct and teach you?
Jesus is the teacher sent from God. I point you to the words and life of Jesus. He is your true ideal. Ask him to take possession of your life.

4. God created all.
a. God created all things to communicate something to you!
Any guesses? Speak up. There are many right answers.
b. My guess is that God created nature and He created us humans to satisfy a basic want – a love for the beautiful! He is the author of beauty. I don’t believe he invents any bad concepts. Feast your senses on the good things of God! As we create art, we advertise the goodness of God. He fills us and surrounds us.

5. Art Tools
a. Our art piece is mostly about color in the bricks and the rose bush, a little about pattern in the brick column and a little about texture in the bricks.
b. On the left side of our paper, we will draw a strong, arching brick column in soft pastels while sitting outside.
How does that strong, arching brick column make you feel? safe, stable, surrounded, private, intimate, hidden, counted

Stacy Sweeney Photograph at First Presbyterian Church

c. On the right side of our paper, we will draw a red rose bush, focusing in on 3 red roses, a couple rose buds and 3 green leafs in soft pastels while sitting outside.
How does the color red make you feel?
loved, excited, warm, fuzzy
How does the color green make you feel?
mad, sad, happy or glad?
d. There are thorns on the stems and prickles on the leaves. How do the thorns and prickles make you feel?

Stacy Sweeney