A GASH as D€€P as the S€A

"Early Morning Venice" Robert Henri

“Early Morning Venice” Robert Henri

“A Gash as D€€P as the S€A”

Garland has fallen from my head
a gash as deep as the sea
please give me what
I don’t know I need
for God is not so far

why should he listen?
or give an answer I don’t deserve?
Lord, you misled me
to be misled I allowed
walking in my own way
but you are much stronger
my bare hands overpowered

my head and arms can’t save me
can God love a woman who’s wrong?
come gather me up
I’m like a rubbish heap in one fell swoop

I’m rolling over now and going to sleep
but this in no way implies
turning my back on God
it’s not about Him

I’m not pleased with myself
or the heredity I share
it’s an exhausting theme
of conversation and calculation

his magnificent sum is more than I deserve
but his grip and finger prints are all over my arm
please, reclaim me
the Mediterranean is this way >>>

~ Stacy Sweeney

What it’s Like to Read the Bible in One Year

Robert Henri

“Cumulus Clouds, East River” by Robert Henri (1865-1929)

“What it’s Like to Read the Bible in One Year”

I rewrote the whole Bible – exactly how it was written the first time – and I enjoyed it! Transcribing the Bible into storying format is appealing and rewarding. Well, the Bible is a big attraction, and has not been withdrawn from circulation yet ~ Stacy Sweeney

Every drawing and painting of mine must have a story. I believe the more I invest in my picture of God and the Bible, new ways to formulate meaning will transpire in favor of the prepared mind – and the pieces become mine to share. God always provides what I need as long as I journey close to him. He’s never late. He’s always on time. It’s an entirely dusty trip as the road narrows and the horizon widens, and it is no good if you don’t experience it yourself. Just remember to yell timber occasionally.

As far as I can see, the Bible is humanity in earth tones of yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and raw umber. I’m drawn to Robert Henri’s weathered landscape, “Cumulus Clouds, East River,” because it looks like me against the world in a thick, smoky, goatskin Bible with magnetic bookmarks in between the front and back covers. Just a small, expensive item, but I picked it out myself.

And the Bible reveals truth. In the first and second quarter stories, I desired to learn the character of God and why he made me. I don’t think anybody caught it, but the Bible I was reading was upside down. Turn the book right side up, and what I have been reading in the Bible is God’s evaluation of my character and his intentions for me and the world. God wants me to understand what is in my heart, and has been kind enough to show me. My truth is that I’ve been wrong in my thoughts, actions, and beliefs about God, myself, and others. My arms and head can’t save me. Can God love a woman who is wrong?

I’m not pleased with myself or the heredity I share, and it’s an exhausting theme of conversation. One degree off back road, and these third quarter stories upset my life, like a rubbish heap in one fell swoop, and I did not miss out on one ouch of pain.  Good news is this – we are made to get better. I’m rolling over now and going to sleep, but this in no way implies that I’m turning my back on God. Besides, his grip and fingerprints are all over my arm. Hey, the Mediterranean is this way >>>