Son of Thunder


31 July 2007

Caiden Finn is a son of thunder
an exuberant lover
of all animal in the kingdom
a repetitive whirlwind
sacred hymn singer
sound machine
the sons of Zebedee
must have been red headed
he will ask even a bum for the moon and the sun
in the rhythm of persistence

Caiden Finn is a gift giver
of personally penned pictures
happily serves time in the kitchen
and oh how sweet and tangy
is Cade’s homemade zemonzade
Cade is eight years old today
but he whispered in my ear to say
“You call me Caiden,
but that’s not my name.
My name is Joey.”
I’m mad about him, Caiden Finn


My lies are 6,000 years old
so what to do when life is cold
what to do while I hurt
because I’m hurting
I’m hurting like Eve
and I eat that forbidden fruit
lending power to my pain
I’m losing everything

created with a memory
for angels and eternity
now the fall and my memories
are sharpened by misapprehension

what does love require here
I’m sorry my dearly beloved
let’s go find God
and fight every danger
in defense of home

A Beggar

John Singer Sargent
“A Parisian Beggar Girl”

Who can sleep
when the groom is in town ___mat9:15
over the face of the deep

and how can I prove
my love for you
I come from broken vows

I’m choosing firmer
footing now
like a dove that hovers _______gen8:9

save me from
my circumstace
cover me in clover

my heart is hushed
the heavens bow
to listen to your voice ______jhn3:29

love requires presence
to turn to in tough times
drove back from paradise

there’s peace inside
the morning light
rising over my shoulder

save me from
my circumstace
cover me in clover

my heart is hushed
the heavens bend
to listen to your voice

Where a Woman PerSevered

original oil painting by Dylan Scott Pierce, 2014

I grew up around here
where a woman persevered
she calls me Dear
you cost too much

yesterday’s dust
the locust had eaten
love and trust
had taken a beaten

I mean to rest
but like Him I hunger
squash blossoms at best
trellised over
fell in ruins

aged faces still awake
makes by body ache
grace and mercy get acquainted
takes awhile to shake

slip off my sandals
squeeze the ground
light some candles
now I’m found

I’m not my past
I’m not my mother
home at last
I act into existence

I wish to rest
but like him I hunger
squash blossoms at best
trellised over
grow in numbers