Snow Angel Anniversary Poetry

For my wonderful groom
who’s worthy of his hire
and too valuable to lose
I hang on his heart wires
my something borrowed
my something new
who loves me
and talks real good
who stacks the deck for me
and lets me boss him all day too

December 24, 2014
11 year anniversary poem
Atlanta Botanical Garden of Lights


My compassionate friend
and wonderful groom
the Lord has given
the gift of you

you’re like a silver house band
around our brightest treasures
stronger than energy bonds
good to me beyond measure

like “Fifty First Dates”
I’ve been stricken every day
how much you really love me
a year of growing pains

your faithfulness has never failed
your gentle hands deserve to be trusted
but I have set it in my soul
to hold my cards close

you’re more than I could ask
so committed to finish
our everlasting task
to create beauty from ashes

our love is bigger
than the passage of time and space
and my body’s been blinded by
the light of your face

Many More Merrythoughts
I Love You,

December 24, 2015
12 year anniversary poem
Opryland Hotel
opryland hotel

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