• Every Second Quarter Story •

Every painting of mine must have a story. The first book I have chosen to find stories is the Bible. I found myself reading the Bible, randomly selecting scriptures without background or story some ten years ago to lead Bible study in community. That was torture. I didn’t know how to study the Bible for myself, much less to be a leader. Then, I was asked to do Biblical storying at a church in Atlanta. Biblical storying – I could wrap my mind around a story, and it leveled the playing field for me. It was a beautiful, expressive field, wondering with character conversations in costume, poetry & props, music & hymns, art & prayer, candles & smoke, and just a little context & Jesus. Jesus is in every story, and I enjoy searching for him. I desire to know the character of God and why he made me.

This post is for storytellers who want a quick reference point. To find a story, one could google 100 famous Bible stories, but I thought why not create a list of stories I like for each quarter. That idea floated nicely for the first quarter, but this quarter I covered every story. There are errors, I’m sure of it, but I don’t have the time to edit, I mean, there’s still half the Bible I want to read by December, however, I am questioning my own spiritual carry over.


• Ruth •
background @the old testament. This is the story behind her:
Ruth occurs during the period of the judges, as a part of those events that occur after the death of Joshua. The events take place against the backdrop of the judges, a time of moral and spiritual decadence when there was no king in Israel @judges 17:6. The book of Ruth is named for “Ruth the Moabite.” The Moabites:
– were unflattering descendants from the incestuous seed of Lot @genesis 19:36,37.
– the ancient poets wrote “what sorrow awaits you, O people of Moab! You are finished, O worshipers of Chemosh! Chemosh has left his sons as refugees, his daughters as captives”@numbers 21:29.
– Balak, king of Moab, called on Balaam to curse Israel @numbers 23:10.
– there on the plains of Moab, beside the Jordan River, across from Jericho, some of the Israelite men had sexual relations with local Moabite women, attended sacrifices, and worshipped the gods of Moab, Baal of Peor, causing the Lord’s anger to blaze against his people, killing 24,000 Israelites @numbers 25:1-9.
– were excluded from Israel, “they shall not enter the assembly of the Lord” and were so abhored that the Jews were forbidden even to seek their peace or prosperity @deuteronomy 23:3-6.
– where Ruth the Moabite is recorded in Matthew’s genealogy as an ancestor of “Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born” @matthew 1:16.
story @ruth chapters 1-4. The story of one promising woman begins something like this, “Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled…”

my writings found in, • The Story of Ruth • planned for November, 2016, because she is just too much, currently at 3,000 words for chapter 1

• Boaz •
background @judges as above
story @ruth chapters 2-4

“and YHWH gave her pregnancy, and she bore a son”
@ruth 4:13 we read that the messianic line of David begins with a miracle touched birth.

my writings found in, • Wise Men From the East • planned for December, 2016


• Israel’s First Judges •
background @judges 2:10, 16-23 and 3:1-6
story of Othniel @judges 3:7-11, Ethud @judges 3:12-31, and Deborah @judges 4:1-5, and Gideon @judges 6:1-12, and Samson @judges 13:1-25

a dam double edged dagger
strapped to Ehud’s right thigh
a secret message plunged
into Eglon’s fat belly
locked behind the doors
found dead on the floor

• Deborah •
background @judges 4:1-3
story @judges 4:4-24

Deborah said, “I will go with you, Barak, but you will receive no honor in this venture, for the Lord’s victory over Sisera will be at the hands of a woman… Jael crept up to Sisera with a hammer and tent peg, and she drove it through his temple and into the ground, and so he died…come, and I will show you the man you are looking for.”

• The Song of Deborah Sung with Barak •
background @judges 4:4-7, 14-23
story @judges 5:1-31

on that day, Deborah and Barak son of Abinoam sang this song:
“my heart is with the commander of Israel…fancy saddle blankets, who walk along the road, listen to village musicians gathered at the watering holes…wake up, wake up, wake up, and sing a song…why did you sit at home during the sheepfolds – to hear the shepherds whistle for their flocks?…the horses hooves hammered the ground, the galloping, galloping of mighty steeds…why don’t you hear the sound of chariot wheels?”

my story, “Absolute Truth,” 4/2/16

beginning poem,”Healing Balm”
your healing balm appeals to me
your sealing calm embraced
your promises I claim a privilege
wont you please present me?

“‘Lord help’ they cried in their trouble
and he saved them from their distress
he sent out his word and healed them
snatching them from the door of death”
– Psalms 107:19-20

• Jerub-baal, that is, Gideon •
background  @judges 6:1-10
story @judges 6:11-40

• Gideon Defeats the Midianites •
background @judges 6:1-6, 11-16, 33-35
story @judges 7:1-25

I don’t even know what my dreams mean
but it must mean something
so keep your eyes on
and circle round the caravan

my writings found in, • The Story of Gideon •

• Gideon Kills Zebah & Zalmunna •
background @judges 6:1-6, 11-16, 33-35, and @judges 7:1-25
story @judges 8:1-21

• Jotham’s Parable •
background @judges 9:1-6
story @ judges 9:7-21

“slayed seventy sons on one stone”

• Shechem’s Revolt Against Abimelech •
background @judges 9:7-21
story @joshua 9:22-57

“chopped some branches from a tree, then put them on his shoulder. ‘Quick, do as I have done.'”

• Jephthah Becomes Judge •
background @judges 10:6-18
story @judges 11:1-40 and 12:1-7

• Birth of Samson •
background @judges 13:1
story @judges 13:2-25

shot up toward the sky
as flames from the altar
the angel of the Lord
ascended in the fire

• Samson’s Riddle •
background @judges 13:1-25
story @judges 14:1-20

• Samson’s Vengence on the Philistines •
background @13:1-5, 19, 24-25 and 14:1-20
story @judges 15:1-20

“he snapped from his arms ropes as burnt strands of flax
that fell from his wrists, a jawbone killed a thousand like an ax”

• Samson & Delilah •
background @judges 14:1-4, 16:1-3
story @judges 16:4-22

beginning poem, “Samson”
tired to death intelligence
long strands of braids
blind, bound, betrayed
deep sleeping, fleeting, crucified
two stumbling blocks removed
now in touch with the source
was blind but now I see

• Samson’s Final Victory •
background @judges
story @judges 16:23-31

suicide story,  a die to self for an honorable purpose, killed more when he died than when alive


• Hannah’s Prayer for a Son •
background @1samuel 1:1-8
story @1samuel 1:9 through chapter 2:11

false accusations of being drunk
an abbreviated history of Israel
also check out Mary’s “Prayer of Hannah”

• Eli •
background @1samuel 3:1-14, and chapter 4:1a
story @1samuel 2:12-36, and 4:1b-22, and @1kings 2:13-27

one day my boys will meet their maker, what I teach them from the Bible are the most important lessons they will learn, may we study this story until we learn it well

• The Lord Speaks to Samuel •
background @1samuel 1:9-11, 20, 24, 28 and chapter 2:18-19, 26
story @1samuel 3:1 through chapter 4:1a

here am I !

• The Philistines Return the Ark •
background @1samuel 4:1b through chapter 5:1-12
story @1samuel 6:1-21, and 7:1

• Samuel Anoints Saul as King•
background @1samuel 8:1-22  and chapter 9:1-27, and 12:12-13 (even though the Lord your God was already your king)
story @1samuel 10:1-27 and 11:1-15, and 14:49-52 and 1chronicles 9:35-39


• Jonathan’s Daring Plan •
background @1samuel 13
story @1samuel 14

• Samuel Annoints David as King •
background @1samuel 15:24-31
story @1samuel 16:1-13

• David Kills Goliath •
background @1samuel 16 and chapter 17:1-31
story @1samuel 17:32-51a

• Prince Jonathan •
background @1samuel chapter 14 through chapter 17
story @1samuel 18:1-16, 23:15-18, and @2samuel 19:24-30

my writings found in, • The Story of Prince Jonathan • 1/1/16

• Michal •
background @1samuel 18:1-16, and 19:1-10
story @1samuel 18:17-30, and 19:11-24 and @psalm 59

my poem, “Like a Doe” 8/15

• Jonathan Helps David •
background @1samuel 17:1-11, 32-51 and chapter 18 and 19, and @psalm 59
story @1samuel 20:1-42, and chapter 21:1-15, psalm@ 34

• David Runs from Saul into the Wilderness •
background @ 1samuel 22:1-23 (sounds like the Rwanda massacre), and chapter 23:1-12, and @1chronicles 12:1-22, and @psalms 57, 142, 52, 54
story @1samuel 23:13-29

my  beginning poem, “Jealousy”
I live by the sword
I’ll die by the sword

I was  on the edge of losing reason
I was tempted to steal peace for a spare season
no eye could see my misery
shooting my feet trying to debride
while chased by thoughts of slaughter

I live by the sword
I’ll die by the sword

steaming vents in summit craters
hinting at lava’s hot internal
under burning red inferno
twist and turn hot magna churns
just enough to push me up
from jealous quicksand clutches

• David Spares Saul’s Life, Twice!! •
background @1samuel 23:13-29
story @1samuel 24:1-22, and 26:1-25

• Abigail  •
background @1samuel 25:1b-22
story @1samuel 25:23-44

• Joab •
background @1chronicles 12:1-7,
story @2samuel 2:12-32, and 3:6-39, and @1kings 2:5-6, and @1kings 2:13-46

• David’s Mightiest Warriors •
background @1chronicles 27:1-15, and 2samuel 2:1-7, and 5:1-3
story @2samuel 23:8-39, and 3:6-21, 23, and @1chronicles 12:1-7, 23-40, and @2samuel 6:19b-23
– destroys the Amalekites @1samuel 30:1-31, and @psalms 56
– conquers Philistines @2samuel 5:17-25
– captures Jerusalem @2samuel 5:6-10
– military victories @28:1-14 and @psalm 60
– defeats Ammonites @2samuel 10:1-19
– siege of Rabbah @2samuel 11:1, and 12:26-31
– battles against Philistines @2samuel 21:15-22

• Saul Visits Witch at Endor •
background @1samuel 8:1-22, chapters 9 through 15, and chapters 16:14-15, and chapter 19:18-24, and 22:2-23, and chapter 28:3-5
story @1samuel 28:6-25 and @1samuel 31:1-13 (1chronicles 10:1-14), and @2samuel 1:1-27

my writings found in the story,  • Saul Visits Witch of Endor • 4/16

• David’s Justice as King •
background @1chronicles 27:25-34, and chapters 23-26, and 27:16-34
story @2samuel 7:1-17, and 8:15-18

• David Destroys the Amalekites •
background @1samuel 27:12, and @1samuel 29:1-11, and @1chronicles 12:1-7
story @1samuel 30:1-31, psalms@ 56

• War Between Israel & Judah •
background @2samuel 2:1-11
story @2samuel 2:12-18 through 3:1, and 23:8-39

• The Ark Moved to Jerusalem •
background begins @exodus 25:10-22, and 37:1-9, and @numbers 7:1, 89, and @leviticus 10:3, and @numbers 3:1-39. Also, when the philistines stole and returned the ark @1samuel 4:1b through chapter 5:1-12, 6:1-18.
David’s plans to move the ark background @1chronicles 13:1-5, and 14:1-2, and @2samuel 6:1-19
story @1chronicles 15:1-28, @2samuel 6:1-19a, @1chronicles 16:1-6
(interlude by David’s “Song of Praise” @1chronicles 16:7-36)
and story continues @1chronicles 16:37-43

• The Lord’s Covenant Promise to David •
background @2samuel 5:1-5,  11-12 and @1 chronicles 13:1-5; 15:1-3, 16:1-6
story @2samuel 7:1-17
song of praise @1chronicles
prayer @2samuel 7:18-29
worship @2samuel 16:37-42

covenant definition – a confirmed promise that will last forever, an eternal blessing

• Uriah •
background @2samuel 11:1-5, and @2samuel 23:39
story @2samuel 11:6-27

• Nathan Rebukes David •
background @2samuel 11
story @2samuel 12:1-25, psalm@ 51

 • David captures Rammah •
background @2samuel 10:1-19 and 11:1
story @2samuel 12:26-31

• Tamar •
background @1chronicles 3:5-9
story @2samuel 13:1-22

• Absalom’s Revenge •
background @1chronicles 3:5-9, and 2samuel 13:1-22
story @2samuel 13:23-39

• Wise Woman & Absalom Returns •
background @2samuel 13:1-39
story @2samuel 14:1-33

• Absalom Rebels •
background @2samuel chapters 13 and 14
story @2samuel 15:1-12, and 16:15 throuch chapter 17:14

• David & Ittai’s Escape •
background @2samuel
story @2samuel 15:13-37, and chapter 17:15-29, and 19:41-43, psalm@ 3, and chapter 63

story parallels with Ruth

• Ziba •
background @2samual 15:13-18
story @2samuel 16:1-4

• Barzilla •
background @2samuel 17:15-29
story @2samuel 19:31-40, and @1kings 2:7

“a permanent guest at the king’s table”

• David Mourns Absalom’s Death •
background @2samuel 18:1-18
story @2samuel 18:19-33, and 19:1-18a

• Shimel •
background @2samuel 15:13-37, 17:15-29, 18:19-33, and 19:1-18a
story @2samuel 19:18b-23, and @1kings 2:8-9, and @1kings 2:13-46

• The Revolt of Sheba, Son of Bicri •
background @2samuel 19:41-43
story @2samuel 20:1-26, and @2samuel 22:1-51, psalm@ 7, and chapter 18

• David Avenges the Gibeonites •
background @1samuel somewhere near Saul’s murder of the Gibeonites ?
story @2samuel 21:1-14

• David Takes a Census •
background @2samuel 24:1 @1chronicles 21:1. I believe both accounts can happen simultaneously rather than to compartmentalize God. God can burn with anger against Israel, while Satan can rise up against Israel. I also think that God takes the blame for many things that are not his, like natural disasters referred to as “acts of God.”
story @2samuel 24:1-17, and @1chronicles 21:1-17, and @2samuel 24:18-25, and @1chronicles 21:18 through chapter 22:1

• David’s Materials to Build the Temple •
David’s plans to move the ark background @1chronicles 13:1-5, and 14:1-2, and @2samuel 6:1-19
Ark moved to Jerusalem
story @1chronicles 15:1-28, and @2samuel 6:1-19a, and @1chronicles 16:1-6
(Davids “Song of Praise” interlude @1chronicles 16:7-36) and
story continues @1chronicles 16:37-43.
David begins preparations for the Temple of God
story @1chronicles 22:1-19,
then chapter 23 through chapters 27

• David’s Instructions to Solomon•
background @2samuel 3:2-5, chapter 5:14-16, and chapter 12:24-25, and @1chronicles 22:1-19
story @1chronicles 28:1-21

• Gifts for the Temple and Prayer of Praise •
background @2samuel 24:18-25, and @1chronicles 21:18 through chapter 22:1-19
story @1chronicles 29:1-22

• David Makes Solomon King •
background @1chronicles 28:1-21, and 29:21-22
story @1kings 1:28-53, and chapter 2:1-9, and @2samuel 23:1-7, and @1kings 1:1-4, and @1kings chapter 2:10-12, and @1chronicles 29:21-30

• The Death of King David •
background @1chronicles 29:26-30
story @1kings 1:1-4, and @1chronicles 29:21-22, and @2samuel 23:1-7, and @1kings 2:1-12

4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 53, 55, 58, 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 86, 101, 103, 108, 109, 110, 122, 124, 131, 133, 138, 139, 140, 141, 143, 88, 89, 50, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83

• Solomon Establishes His Rule •
background @1chronicles 29:23-25, and 2chronicles 1;1
story @1kings 2:13-46, and @2chronicles 1:2-13

and the tables were turned

• Solomon’s Prayer and Wise Ruling •
background @1kings 3:1-15
story @1kings 3:1-28

compare and contrast the 2 kingdoms of our world

• Solomon Builds the Temple •
background @1chronicles 28:1-21
regarding David’s blood shed, and @1kings 5:1-18, and @2chronicles 2:1-18
story @1kings chapters 6:1-38 through chapter 9:1-28, and @2chronicles 3:1 through chapter 8:1-18

• Solomon’s Many Achievements •
background @1chronicles 29:23-25, and @2chronicles 1:1
story @2chronicles 8:1-18, and @1kings 9:15-28, and 11:41, and @2chronicles 1:14-17, and 9:29-31

• She’s the Queen of Sheba •
background @1kings chapters 4-9
story  @1kings 10:1-13, and @2chronicles 9:1-12

my writings found in the story, • She’s the Queen of Sheba • 11/2015

• Solomon’s Wealth & Splendor, Prosperity & Wisdom •
background @1kings
story @1kings 10:14-29, and @2chronicles 9:13-28, and @1kings 4:20-34
psalms@ 72, and psalm 127

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

• Solomon’s Most Wonderful Song •
background @1kings 3:5-15, and @2chronicles 1:7-13
praise & worship @song of songs chapters l through 8

• Solomon’s Many Wives •
background @song of songs
story @1kings 11:1-13

• Prophet AHijah from Shiloh •
background @1kings 11:1-13
story @1kings 11:26-40

• Jeroboam Rebels Against Solomon •
background @1kings 11:1-25
story @1kings 11:26-40, and 12:15-33

ECCLESIASTES MAY HAVE BEEN SOLOMON’S LAST BOOK, WRITTEN NEAR THE END OF HIS LIFE. These are the words of the teacher, King David’s son, who ruled in Egypt.
@ecclesiastes chapters 1-12

• The Northern Tribes Revolt Against Judah’s King Rehoboam, Son of Solomon, a descendant of David •
background @1kings 11:1-13, 41-43
story @1kings 12:1-24, and @2chronicles 11:5-17, and 12:1-16

• Israel’s King Jeroboam, Son of Nebat, Denounced by Prophet AHijah •
background @1kings 12:25-33
story @1kings 13:1-34, and 14:1-24, and 15:6-8, and @2chronicles 13:1-22

• AHijah’s Prophecy Against Israel’s King Jeroboam •
background @1kings 12:1-33), and 13:1-34
story @1kings 14:1-20, and @2chronicles 13:1-3, and @1kings 15:27-30

• Judah’s King ABijah (Abijam) •
background @2chronicles 11:18-23
story @1kings 15:1-5, and @2chronicles 13:1-22, and 2chronicles 14:1

• Judah’s King ASA and the Prophet Azariah •
background @2chronicles 11:18-23, and 12:15-16
story @ 2chronicles 13:1-22, and 14:1-15, and 15:1-19, and @1kings 15:16-24

“Israel was for a long time without a priest to teach them and the Law to instruct them.”

• Prophet Jehu and Israel’s King Baasha, Son of AHijah (the prophet?) •
background @1kings 15:16-17, 27-34
story @1kings 16:1-14

• Israel’s King Elah, Son of Baasha, Struck by Commander Zimri •
background @
story @1kings 16:8-14

• Israel’s King Zimri Died in the Flames •
background @1kings 16:8-14
story @1kings 16:15-20

• Israel’s King Omri, built the capital city, Samaria •
background @1kings 16:15-20
story @1kings 16:21-28

• King AhaB Rules Israel, Son of Omri •
background @1kings 16:23-34, and 18:1-46, and 20:1-12
story @1kings 20:13-43, and 21:1-29, and 22:1-35

• Judah’s King Jehoshaphat Rules •
background @1kings 15:23-24
story @2chronicles 17:1-19, and 19:1-11, and 20:1-30, and summary reign @1kings 22:41-50, and @2chronicles 20:31-37

“Jehoshaphat sent his officials, the Levites, the priests, copies of the Book of the Law and traveled around through all the towns of Judah, teaching the people”

• The Prophet EliJah Fed Miracously •
background @1kings 16:29-33
story @1kings 17:1-24

he stretched himself out over the child, three times and cried, his life revived, brought down from the upper room

• The Contest on Mount Carmel •
background @1kings 17:1
story @1kings 18:1-46

“The king has searched every nation and kingdom on earth from end to end to find you…but as soon as I leave you, the Spirit of the Lord will carry you away to who knows where.”

• EliJah Prays for Rain •
background @1kings 17:1
story @1kings 18:41-46

it was the most glorious night
of rain and thunder in six months
for the living and for the dead

• The Lord’s Still Small Voice •
background @1kings 18:1-46
story @1kings 19:1-21

• The Prophet EliSha •
background @1kings 19:9b-18
story @1kings 19:19-21, and @2kings 6:8-23

• King Ben-Hadad of Aram Attacks Samaria •
background @1kings where Ben-Hadad said I will give back the towns my father took and establish places of trade. There was a great famine in the city.

story @1kings 20:1-43

• Naboth’s Vineyard •
background @1kings 16:29-34
story @1kings 21:1-29, and @2kings 9:30-37, and @2kings 9:14-29

• The Prophet Micaiah •
background @1kings 22:1-9, and @2chronicles 18:1-8
story @1kings 22:10-40 and @2chronicles 18:9-34

while dressed in royal robe a randomly shot arrow pierced the joints of Ahab’s armor

• Israel’s New King Ahaziah •
background @2kings 1:1
story @2kings 1:2-18, and 2kings 9:14-29

• King Joram Began to Rule Israel •
background @
story @

• Three Kings and Elisha •
background @2kings 3:1-3
story @2kings 3:4-27

• Jehoram, son of Ahab •
background @1kings 21:20-29 and @2kings 3:1-3
story @

• EliJah Taken into Heaven •
background @1kings17, 18, 19, and @2kings1
story @2kings 2:1-18

what can I do for you?
I want to inherit
a double share of your spirit

• The Widow’s Oil •
background @2kings 2:1-25
story @2kings 4:1-7

• The Shunamite Woman •
background @2kings 2:1-25, and 4:1-7
story @2kings 4:8-37, and 8:1-6

most awesome, deep breathing prophet

• Miracles During a Famine •
background @2kings 2:1-25, and 4:1-37
story @2kings 4:38-44

• Naaman •
background @Leprosy is a slowly progressing, chronic, highly contagious, incurable skin disease with large social implications @leviticus 13:45-46. Leprosy is caused by a bacteria that spreads across the skin creating sores, scabs, and shiny white lesions, causing loss of sensation, deformity, muscle loss, and paralysis. Of all the degrees of diseases to which man is heir, there is none more lonely than leprosy. The inflicted lives for years with this dreadful disease slowly eating away portions of his body until he longs for death as a release.
story @2kings 5:1-19

Naaman was the first Arab evangelist
my short story, “Naaman,” coming 2017

• Gehezi •
background @2kings 5:1-19 E
story @2kings 5:20-27

• EliSha & the Fiery Chariots •
background @2kings 5:1-19
story @2kings 6:8-23

• Aram’s King Ben-Hadad, Son of King Hazael, Beseiges Samaria •
background @2kings 6:8-31. NOTE: read @1kings 21:20-29 and @2kings 3:1-3 to know who the king of Samaria was (King Jehoram.)
story @2kings 6:24-33, and 7:3-20, and 8:7-15

• King Jehu of Israel •
background @2kings 8:25-29, and 9:1-13
story @2kings 9:14-29, and 10:1-17, and @2chronicles 22:8-9, and @2kings 10:18-36, and @2kings 15:8-12

• King Joash of Judah •
background @2kings 11:1-16
story @12:1-21, and 2chronicles 24:1-27

• King JehoahaZ Rules Israel •
background @2kings 10:32-36
story @2kings 13:1-9

• King JehoaSH Rules Israel •
background @2kings 13:10-11
story @2kings 13:14-25, then jump to 13:12-13, and 14:15-16

•King Amaziah Rules in Judah •
background @2kings 14:1-4
story @2kings 14:5-14, 17-22, and @2chronicles 25:1-28

• King Jeroboam II Rules Israel •
background @2kings 13:12-13, and 14:15-16, 23-27
story @2 kings 14:28-29

• King Uzziah Rules Judah •
background @2kings 15:1-5
story @2chronicles 26:1-23

• Jonah was a Prophet, Yeah, Yeah •
background @2kings 14:23-27. Israel is enjoying freedom from foreign oppression, because Aram was defeated by another power, Assyria, whose capital is Ninevah. Israel has become complacent about her favored status with God, while other nations left excluded. God warns of coming exile, yet mercifully warns Ninevah of it’s eventual judgement.
story @jonah 1:1-17, and 2:1-10, and 3:1-10, and 4:1-11

my poem, “Beside the Sea” 9/15
my poem, “F0X” 9/15
my short story, “Shark Encounters” 9/15
story of Jonah coming 2017

Health Expo Hosted by The Vineyard Vegetarian Cafe and Juice Bar

vineyardStacy: I support and believe in health ministry. For Sunday brunch yesterday, I sampled some vegan fare off The Vineyard’s menu and found agreeable flavors that I juice and stew at home. When did you decide to finalize this restaurant concept?
Frantz: Dana and I met Vonelle and Gabriel McClover at M.E.E.T. Ministries in Tenneessee last summer. They came from Florida, and within six months, Gabriel found a job and relocated to this area in Georgia. They wanted to open a restaurant too, and we are working together, and with the community at large, to the success of health and happiness.

Stacy: How has your vegetarian/vegan food and juice bar been received by the locals?
Frantz: For the most part, people are afraid to try new food. One day, a police officer came in to order take-out menu items for several other officers who would not come in to be seated.

Stacy: I asked a couple sitting beside our family why they decided to eat Sunday brunch here at the only vegetarian restaurant for miles around.
Customer: I am a diabetic, and I’m glad The Vineyard is here to help. The food is delicious and I feel better after eating here.

Stacy: I’ll take two juices of Longsuffering with x-tra spinach, please, while I check out the art gallery next door. Let the healing begin at The Vineyard’s free Health Expo on Sunday, June 26, 1-6pm at Summerville Train Depot 111 E Washington Street, Summerville, GA. Fifteen attendees will receive free meals for 10 days, 15 individuals who want to take the health challenge. For more info about the Expo and how to enter the drawing for the free meals,  contact : The Vineyard Vegetarian Cafe & Juice Bar at 706-857-6087.

“Pivotal” thumbnail sketch


How great is his capacity to love this faithful ball
that will no doubt follow his youth like a shadow

This drawing will be about shape, where the ball is an extension of his well balanced foot, flowing in a zig-zag fashion up to his head, stretching out down his shoulders, thrown back from his hand to the hills and paths beyond.

More People Boy



Obstacle course crafted by our neighbor, Drew Boon. Lined up on “the log”, one team on one side, the other team on the other side, the players had to get to the other side without touching the ground. Some boys crawled under the legs of the opposite player, some players leveraged the opposite player to pass to the other side.


This station was called the “spider web,” where players had to pass to the far side without vibrating the web and waking the spider. The best course of action was to run through it. There were many more stations I failed to shoot.


Vintage eyewear found in Asheville, NCarolina. Keller is a huge book reader!


Saint Simon’s Island, GA, 8/2015


Ski mask doubles as a disguised ninja mask! This was a great Christmas gift I picked out at Sierra Trading Post on-line for $9.99.


These “sons of thunder” try to be so different than each other, but I laugh when I see how much alike they really are. Their cousin, Aira-Lynn Sweeney (Tim Sweeney’s girl), is in the background, and is uncertain about the fire.