Stellar Jay


Stellar’s Jay, Mount Rainier, WA, 2012

Send me to the wildlife preserve
indigenous, endangered
like tenacious Stellar’s Jay
blue bearing, bold begging bird
breaking barriers of gold
bow beneath the old branch
now is her chance
fledged the retreat
perched in comfort and ease
release, release
to the deciduous discomforts
and coniferous inhabitants
eat of the crumbs which fall from his table
feathers her nest with sticks plucked from the fire
spot the field mark in her prominent crest
wings soar the summit border
farther, still farther
she’s prepared beyond measure
with higher education
emerge, who can afford a lapse in concentration
traded all in for something strangely better
broken box of precious
weep and wash his feet
kiss, anoint with ointment
true condition see
this journey’s too great
send him, the Great Missionary

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