First Portrait in Oil

Jacques Barenton after Sargent | Oil on Mixed Media Paper | 9″x12″ | June 13, 2022

“You would call and I would answer, and you would yearn for me, your handiwork.”
// Job 14:15, NLT

I can’t stop looking at what I made.
I know God is going to call us out of the grave because God will want to see the things he has made; he wants to see what we’re like.

§tacy §weeney

Jacques Barenton after John Singer Sargent |9’x12′ mixed media paper | June 10, 2022

Artist have been doing it for years. If they can’t do something, they just work around it. I have not painted hair, so I make them all bald. I can’t paint a body, so I just paint a face. When I look into the face of this portrait painting, I see the image of God. It tells more about him than anything I can see.

A Gatlinburg Tradition

Glenstone Lodge, Gatlinburg, TN | June 2, 2022

Black Bear Trifecta

In the middle of nowhere,
hill after hill,
on some windy back road,
unmarked by yellow lines,
as close to the Little River as possible,
was a narrow, one lane bridge that went clickety-clack as the tires rolled over each plank of wood,
where the elusive gray fox crossed the road in front of us.
Why could it not be a black bear? I thought to myself. But I was satisfied with the gray fox.
What contractor ever dreamed of putting a road out here anyway?
And then, the following morning, I saw the most elusive of all wild animals — the Black Bear. It was 11am and I saw three black bears headed up the historic nature trail. I feel like a National Geographic photographer.

§tacy §weeney