From the Studio

From the Studio

The art studio is like a little sanctuary

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Gallery I

One learns a craft by working at it.

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Gallery II

This individual piece of fine art sparks my imagination.

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Girl from Haiti | Oil on Canvas Pad

Gallery III

The Art of Looking.

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From the Blog


Bankrupt and the devil’s calling my blufflife’s a gamble with a sound amount of troubleI think we’d be better off…

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Flower Thrower

An iconic Banksy stencil which depicts a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet of flowers. The Flower Thrower, Flower Bomber, Rage…

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When Winter

Whistler | Fire Wheel “Only lately have I begun to understand what it was she heard. It was the song…

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Banksy appropriates the iconic logo of the British popular music and entertainment firm of the same name that was created…

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X Marks the Spot

“Scandal turned her forever into Madame X. She shocked Paris with her provocative pose when Sargent exhibited her in 1884.…

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