Atlanta Botanical Garden of Lights


One of a kind glass fountain sculpture by Dale Chihuly. Is it water and ice static electricity? It is especially lovely when it is lit up at night.


That’s the 55 floor Bank of America Plaza that marks the Atlanta night skyline. “Oh Atlanta, I hear you calling, I’m coming back to you, one fine day.” Allison Krauss. DSC08351

The distinguished front lawn of the Fuqua Conservatory that houses many species of orchids, tropical and desert environments. Some girlfriends invited me to go to some “botanical shop” in midtown when I first moved to Atlanta in January, 2003. Much has changed since then, including high priced parking, and the holiday light attraction, but it’s still my favorite place to go and be in Atlanta!DSC08375

This is some type of perspective trick. What you’re seeing in the foreground is a circular metal rim with lights spanning to the apex. In the background, you’re seeing some groovy reflection that looks like an intense gravitational pull, where the lights have been compressed into a tiny space. DSC08383


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