Cougar Rock, Mt. Rainier, WA 2012
From the beginning I was called
I was called
to leave all and follow, you
from the beginning I was told
I was told
foxes have their holes
birds have a nest
but the Son had no place
no place to rest _____Luke9:57-62
I don’t want to live in a black hole anymore
how can I ever be
ever be happy
buy a hat to match the air
it’s a painful thing to be trapped
fell straight down around me
where it comes and where it fits
the way you do the things you do
I ran quickly out of wits
a little bit of sea oats
grown on brittle yellow grass
the beach is calling
calling me out
out like the tide
until I felt myself stranded
sandcastle candles melt by my side
this planet’s calling
calling me out
out of my mind

~ B€SiD€ the S€A ~

B€SiD€ the S€A
I pulled a coin
from the mouth of fish Matt17:27
fighting, flopping
blue belly dolphin
to fund my wishing
my wishing well
for I could wish that
above all things 3John2
you would follow me
follow me to heaven
for the evidence of your calling
is joined together in our hearts

Shark Encounter

Saint Simons Island, GA 9/2015

I had drifted out
with the movement of the ocean
relaxed on the edge of a float
making promises and wishes
it was here that I asked God
to send a shark
equipped with extraordinary teeth
to bite me
unaware of his expedient approach
and to my astonishment !!!
was a large shark fin
I measured with ten fingers
gliding swiftly and steadily
coming about me
and had I not made
desperate efforts to escape
the depths of that ocean beast
would probably have enjoyed
his lively toasted feast
elevating the fineness of his taste
when no better could be had
amid the many lessons
which I insist upon learning
I concluded that there had been
no reasonable cause for such a wish
except to give myself a good fright
and a non-fictional fish story to write
Keller’s Black Tip Shark
Caiden’s 3ft Bonnet Head Shark


photograph by Tracie Read
Jekyll Island, 9/10/15
Holy Skekinah!
Immanuel is the ultimate sign
my sole surety
bright beams of God’s glory
out shines the sun
displace dark shadow enemy
ten degrees, victory
tabernacle in me
Shiloh, Shalom, Shabbot, Shekinah
tabernacle in me
tabernacle in me
~ Hezekiah

poem from II Kings 20