January 3, 2020 ~ God’s Everlasting Gospel

Whistler | The White Symphony: Three Girls
circa 1868-circa 1878
Oil paint on canvas
46.4 x 61.6 cms | 18 1/4 x 24 1/4 ins
Tate Gallery | London | United Kingdom

January 3, 2020 ~ God’s Everlasting Gospel

This painting shows the stewards and protectors of creation, that the Everlasting Gospel is about Creator God; kind, passionate, gracious and merciful, that fills me with awe and wonder. What kind of God do you serve?

In context of the three angels, the world is still in play. Verse 14:7  is the most important text in the book of Revelation. It is the very center – of the center – of the center of the book, the chiasm, in Hebrew thinking (Paulien, 2019). This kind of literary arrangement serves to highlight the main point: A call to worship the Creator, a God worth proclaiming to the world in a loud voice, “The White Symphony: Three Girls.”

— §tacy §weeney

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