January 2, 2020 ~ Satan and His Two Allies

Whistler | Red and Black | 1884 |  WATERCOLOR | Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University | Cambridge United States

January 2, 2020 ~ Satan and His Two Allies

In the last days, it is Satan’s strategy to set up a counterfeit Trinity: a counterfeit of the character of God, a counterfeit of Jesus Christ and a counterfeit of the work of the Spirit.  God is always portrayed in threes in the book of Revelation and here the enemies of God are also portrayed in threes.

This watercolor, “Red and Black,” of 1883 expresses a time of confusion and deception such as the world has never seen. It is a counterfeit copy of the original oil painting, “Harmony in Flesh Colour and Red,” painted 14 years earlier in 1869 by the same artist, James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

The color red is to remind us to prepare our hearts for the great climax that is yet to come,

— §tacy §weeney

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