Follow the Power Lines

    Lateral Spinal X-ray Image

Follow the Power Lines

I think I’m having an art attack here on the telemetry screen. So I decide to ambulate down the halls to take a look at children’s artwork hanging from the walls. I hear babies crying and crib mobiles playing. I look down at my arms covered with eight Garfield Band-Aids.

I turn to the nurses station and ask the crew,
“What floor have I been admitted to?”
The medical secretary looks up at me,
“You’re on the pediatric floor.”
I laugh.
“O my, really?”
And my nurse replies,
“Yes. On occasion, we admit patients like you.”
“Like me! You mean a self-care nurse, who is capable of shooting herself in the foot, and who is capable of making herself sick. Yes, I understand that’s childish. I reply.

Does God understand our heart’s good intentions even when they might be masked by incredibly stupid behaivor?

I miss hospital nursing. I love the pace and dynamics of hospital nursing, but I also believe the  physical healing follows the spiritual healing. as Jesus healed the lame man. So in my mind, public schools and hospitals practice backward, or do I dare say false doctrine. And so my thoughts have matured into a wholistic, preventative, community health model.

I also believe God designed us to be upright in perfect balance and symmetry. So, I stretch my spinal framework and alter her joints to stay in normal movement.

My bones also show a need for deep breathing from my lungs through to my pelvis. I have layer upon layer of injury and restriction that have not cleared deeper areas of bone memory, called the skeletal system. I must accept and understand that I can not keep up with others because of the ingrained patterns in my brain where I can’t move and circulate in the proper ways. Healing is serious. Recuperation is serious. My whole body. Whole appetite. Whole foods.

Too often patients in todays healthcare system find themselves passive intellectually, accepting almost anything they are taught or simply challenging a theory on the basis of how it feels instead of looking to see whether it has a logical foundation or nonetheless determine to seek out understanding through their own experience and observations so that they may personally verify it. I validate that my last flare of MS, which seems to involve double vision, blurred vision, fireflies in my visual fields, severe weakness and imbalance, happened in May, 2009 at Grady Hospital. That’s an eight year remission rate without the daily dose of immune modifying medications the neurologists are bent on prescribing.

Truly, wisdom and knowledge can not be found by a human being apart from the revelation from God. I need to detox from my old ways of thinking. Medicine will always be a practice and never a cure. Even so, how could the National MS Society honestly give us a cure when they are sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies? And why has the MS Society retracted the research findings of improved circulation with the placement of jugular vein stents by the Italian surgeon, Dr. Zamboni?

“And the same can be said of the American Cancer Society when you take a look at their sponsors.”(“What the Health” documentary film found on Netflix)

Now, I know some reasons why I’m on this pediatric floor, but only partly. These physical manifestations I experience, and these current manifestations in nature around America scare me! And if we are ever immediately evacuated into multi lane traffic jams, we will attempt to follow the power lines. Is there a GPS for that? Perhaps a paper map? Happy Sabbath!
~ §tacy §weeney

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