Health Expo Hosted by The Vineyard Vegetarian Cafe and Juice Bar

vineyardStacy: I support and believe in health ministry. For Sunday brunch yesterday, I sampled some vegan fare off The Vineyard’s menu and found agreeable flavors that I juice and stew at home. When did you decide to finalize this restaurant concept?
Frantz: Dana and I met Vonelle and Gabriel McClover at M.E.E.T. Ministries in Tenneessee last summer. They came from Florida, and within six months, Gabriel found a job and relocated to this area in Georgia. They wanted to open a restaurant too, and we are working together, and with the community at large, to the success of health and happiness.

Stacy: How has your vegetarian/vegan food and juice bar been received by the locals?
Frantz: For the most part, people are afraid to try new food. One day, a police officer came in to order take-out menu items for several other officers who would not come in to be seated.

Stacy: I asked a couple sitting beside our family why they decided to eat Sunday brunch here at the only vegetarian restaurant for miles around.
Customer: I am a diabetic, and I’m glad The Vineyard is here to help. The food is delicious and I feel better after eating here.

Stacy: I’ll take two juices of Longsuffering with x-tra spinach, please, while I check out the art gallery next door. Let the healing begin at The Vineyard’s free Health Expo on Sunday, June 26, 1-6pm at Summerville Train Depot 111 E Washington Street, Summerville, GA. Fifteen attendees will receive free meals for 10 days, 15 individuals who want to take the health challenge. For more info about the Expo and how to enter the drawing for the free meals,  contact : The Vineyard Vegetarian Cafe & Juice Bar at 706-857-6087.

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