More People Boy


Obstacle course crafted by our neighbor, Drew Boon. Lined up on “the log”, one team on one side, the other team on the other side, the players had to get to the other side without touching the ground. Some boys crawled under the legs of the opposite player, some players leveraged the opposite player to pass to the other side.
This station was called the “spider web,” where players had to pass to the far side without vibrating the web and waking the spider. The best course of action was to run through it. There were many more stations I failed to shoot.
Vintage eyewear found in Asheville, NCarolina. Keller is a huge book reader!
Saint Simon’s Island, GA, 8/2015
Ski mask doubles as a disguised ninja mask! This was a great Christmas gift I picked out at Sierra Trading Post on-line for $9.99.
These “sons of thunder” try to be so different than each other, but I laugh when I see how much alike they really are. Their cousin, Aira-Lynn Sweeney (Tim Sweeney’s girl), is in the background, and is uncertain about the fire.
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