Flower Thrower

ßanksy | Flower Thrower | 2003 | Mural | West Bank Wall in Jerusalem

An iconic Banksy stencil which depicts a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet of flowers.

The Flower Thrower, Flower Bomber, Rage or Love is in the Air, is a 2003 stencil mural in the West Bank by the graffiti artist Banksy, depicting a masked man throwing a bunch of flowers. It is considered one of Banksy’s most iconic works; the image has been widely replicated.

ẞanksy | CCCP Flower Thrower | 2002 |
Print on Paper

Very early Banksy. Very scarce, few copies in existence and as such rarely seen on the market.

A man wearing a kerchief and baseball cap is throwing a bouquet of flowers. There is an anger and frustration in the posture of the man, bombing the establishment with flowers. The substitute of the flowers for a weapon portrays peace and hope in place of destruction.

ẞanksy | Flower Thrower on Flag | 2003 | Print on Flag

Perhaps one of Banksy’s most recognizable and one of his most iconic works, reproduced in a wide variety of merchandising around the world and where two of his passions converge: street fighting and peace. In hippie culture, flowers are a symbol of peace.

An act of love in an intense zone of war conflict. An advocate in changing the world by peaceful means that also convey us the idea that protesting capitalism or military regimes is as futile as throwing flowers against a wall.

Banksy | Love is in the Air |
2003 | Chromo-lithography

Also known as, The Flower Thrower. LIITA first appeared in 2003 as a large format stencilled graffiti in Bethlehem shortly after the construction of the West Bank Wall. 

Rendered in Banksy’s characteristic signature stencilled style, Love Is In The Air, depicts a young man, dressed as a militant, wearing a baseball cap and a bandana to mask the lower half of his face, in the middle of throwing a grenade or molotov cocktail.

The image is also featured on the cover of Banksy’s famous autobiography, Wall and Piece, in 2005.


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