First Portrait in Oil

Jacques Barenton after Sargent | Oil on Mixed Media Paper | 9″x12″ | June 13, 2022

“You would call and I would answer, and you would yearn for me, your handiwork.”
// Job 14:15, NLT

I can’t stop looking at what I made.
I know God is going to call us out of the grave because God will want to see the things he has made; he wants to see what we’re like.

§tacy §weeney

Jacques Barenton after John Singer Sargent |9’x12′ mixed media paper | June 10, 2022

Artist have been doing it for years. If they can’t do something, they just work around it. I have not painted hair, so I make them all bald. I can’t paint a body, so I just paint a face. When I look into the face of this portrait painting, I see the image of God. It tells more about him than anything I can see.

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