On the Verandah

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On the Verandah

Dear Friend,

It’s not difficult to perceive that I’m out of tune. Sickness is let loose and I can’t take care of this. I’ve had an interest to attend a health retreat, but for whatever reason, I have neglected to register.

It’s neurotic behavior. The cue here is having a body. I am a trained scientist but I can’t figure this thing out. Between my self awareness and self appraisal and not being afraid to discover what is yet to be done or known, my health feels harder than ever to bear. I take no pleasure in how torn I feel between the professionals being professionals and my intuition of a universal human problem.

With my mind’s ear, I listened to Barbara O’Neill, the eloquent, medical missionary, during our live stream church service this past Sabbath. I anticipated a marvelous health message. No man, teacher or doctor ever spoke the way she spoke. She intrigued me. My heart burned within me. The impulse was strong to follow her, all the way to Australia, if only she made the call.

What I heard was, “This is for you.” and “This is the way, walk ye in it.” Living a Christian life is being conflicted between my pride and a God who wants to rule.

You give good gifts. Thank you for making my upcoming treatment and consultation with Barbara light and easy. May she straighten out the pieces. I’m ready for a tremendous experience.

§tacy §weeney

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