Manger of My Heart

Claude Monet French 1840 - 1926 Snow Effect With Setting Sun 1875 Oil on canvas

Claude Monet

“They were built out of love and pride in the earth, each with a little element of triumphal boastfulness — as if each barn was saying to all the rich neighboring countryside, ‘Look at me! What a fine splendid thing I am, built by a loving master, sheltering fat cattle and big-uddered cows and great bins of grain! Look at me! A temple raised to plenty and to the beauty of the earth! A temple of abundance and good living!’”

\\ Louis Bromfield (Pleasant Valley, pg 17-18)

“On Earth Jesus arrived in humanity
as a helpless, dependent baby
well bundled
like a present I didn’t know I wanted”
— Stacy Sweeney

MANGER of my heart

Manger of my heart
is large enough to hold you
settle here in these chambers
while I play some music

eyes gaze in adoration
in the atmosphere of angels
all want to love the newborn
and shield him from the dangers

closer than close
closer than most
closer every day
like Eskimos in the snow

from the Most High to the manger
I’m overwhelmed at the thought
sojourn among strangers
from the manger to the cross

for the seasons in between
he brings the spring to me
for the seasons in between
he brings comfort to me

— §tacy §weeney

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