Activated Charcoal

Good morning. My name is Stacy and I would like to share a 5 minute health nugget with you on our ZOOM teleconferencing church service on the effectiveness of activated charcoal, and I will demonstrate two routes of administration: the topical and the oral, although there are many routes of use.

1. The Topical Charcoal Poultice
is a compress containing an active ingredient applied wet for up to 24 hours.
• the activated charcoal poultice is a home remedy used for ear aches, skin rashes, spider bites, bee stings, and so much more
• home remedies are effective, economic and convenient
• activated charcoal is a necessary product for all first aid kits
• you can find out more from the counseling sheets @
• I was informed by Agatha Thrash’s 1981 Home Remedies book

— Physiology
Activated charcoal has been subjected to high pressure steam that opens up more of the surface area available for the charcoal to use in adsorbing poisons. (example the lateral side of hand compared to the open pa and fingers)
— Administration
A charcoal poultice can be mixed as follows:
• 1 tBsp of activated charcoal powder
• 1 tBsp of flaxseed meal
• mixed in 1/3 c hot water
• apply to the center of a non-stick gauze pad, cover with plastic wrap to increase localized heat and white blood cells
• apply to overlap the affected area, paper tape all 4 corners, leave in place 6 hrs or overnight
— Testimony
I have two accounts of remarkable experiences I have encountered.
Mauri was one of our summer camp participants that presented with redness. pain and swelling of his lower leg that was alarming to me . My assessment was that he had been bitten by a black widow spider. I applied a charcoal poultice twice a day for 3 days and his symptoms improved, also with much prayer.

2. ORAL –
capsule or powder form has been found to lower the concentration of total lipids, cholesterol, and triglycerides in the blood, liver, heart, and brain. It is used for Organic Chemical Hyper Toxicity, Mixed Mold Mycotoxicosis, Tylenol overdose, cleansing of the immune, endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems and so much more.
• Dr. Michael Gray’s research is found on his YouTube channel @

— Physiology
the sequestrant effect is that, when taken orally, activated charcoal filters 125 L/day of fluids that circulate through the small intestine
— Administration
450 mg capsules x 10 capsules, good for travel, or 1 1/2 tsp activated charcoal mixed in 8 oz water every 8 or 12 hours, separated from all other supplements by 90 minutes. Now they say that charcoal helps whiten teeth, but I’ve not experienced good results, all it does for me is to turn my teeth black.
— My Testimony
I have been successfully using oral, powdered, activated charcoal for 7 months, best evidenced from blood work
• Human Trans Growth Factor Beta 1 A
is a marker of FLUID hyper toxicity with a normal range of 0-341 units per mL
• the result of my initial bloodwork in August 2019 was 16,271 units per mL and 20,140 units per mL in November, 2019
• the result of my HGTF Beta 1 A for February 2020 dropped to 5,939 units per mL after 6 months of using activated charcoal as directed. Now onto the CELLULAR level.

And that’s that
— §tacy §weeney, RN

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