December 29, 2019 ~ The Seven Seals

Whistler | Symphony in White and Red

December 29, 2019 ~ The Seven Seals
Chapter 6 of Revelation includes some wild stuff. I have read the chapter over and over. I have set Revelation chapter 6 to repeat while I sleep. I weep in frustration. Who cares? Why does it matter? I close my eyes and let the paintbrush gloss over the scene. I choose another image and two helpful Revelation resources: Ranko Stefanovic and John Paulien who say, “The details matter and it’s worth pursuing.”

Okay. This project is important to me. I bandage up my shin that is bleeding and start over. There is blood on the moon. The soft horizon and the steps in this landscape, “Symphony in White and Red,” describe a close connection between heaven and Earth. The four horsemen in white, red, black and pale green oil color allow expansion of the Kingdom of God as his people overcome.
— §tacy §weeney

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