December 26, 2019 ~ Among the Lampstands

Whistler Nocturne: The Grand Canal, Amsterdam Watercolor on paper Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D>C>

December 26, 2019 ~ Among the Lampstands

Story @ Revelation 1:9-20
This watercolor is a wonderful picture of what God is like. I wish we could see the original. I have an attractive idea of Whistler painting darkness on the Earth, interrupted by the lampstands that come alive to an overpowering exposure of Shekinah glory in their midst. John is the figure turned around to see this faint reflection of Christ on Patmos.

“My wood stove is my sanctuary lamp. As it burns, it symbolizes the presence of the life force of nature keeping my family alive through the cold death of winter, keeping us safe – as safe as life can be, despite civilization’s determination to destroy itself. By keeping my sanctuary lamp burning, I celebrate the possibility of everlasting life right here on Earth.” pg 214
— Gene Logsdon

Logsdon, Gene. A Sanctuary of Trees. 2012. Chelsea Green Publishing. White River Junction, Vermont

~ §tacy §weeney

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