Good and Gorgeous Land

John Singer Sargent | 1856-1925 | American painter, draftsman, sculptor, portraitist, muralist, watercolorist and guitarist | Princess Nouronihar | 1910 57.2 x 71.1 cms | 22 1/2 x 28 ins | Oil on canvas  | Tel Aviv Museum of Art | Tel Aviv | Israel

Good and Gorgeous Land

All the wealth of heaven and earth is in your hands
put us in possession of a good and gorgeous land

sand to sand and good and ready as the morning
my feet are moving and I don’t know the end which I’m going

I am surprised by the obstacles of seeking first the kingdom
intimacy must be my cross I speak a word of wisdom

shot through and through with unreal expectations
surely faith and sincerity beyond my natural inclinations

I can not make my own heart beat, but I can grieve my own soul
I wonder what things do blind me from a heartfelt devotion

overwhelmed with my little life I hold heavy yoke
then I heard loud thunder tones for my sake the spirit spoke

the rain and clouds did part when I gave my soul to sorrow
soft sighing palms I am a pilgrim of a willow

I admit it’s hard to find the heights from this side of heaven
when I use the power of no, now, and never
but when I face the cross I’m taken to yes and forever

~ §tacy §weeney

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