Lemons & Lime

Winslow Homer
Woman Peeling a Lemon

Lemons & Lime

I know how to make a good first impression. I prefaced my first remarks to my new neurologist by saying, “I know this is going to sound irrational, but I had a dream.” shrugging my shoulders for all I was worth.

Most people do not do well with a hunch or lucid dreams, but he had a PhD and I thought he would understand. In my last ditch effort, I broke it down comedic style, and all my years of schooling went out the window.

I have been sitting on this dream a long time, and it continues to come into my conversations unannounced with one absorbing objective…to collide head on with normal.

“In my dream a doctor told me that my MS was caused by the curvature of my spine and lime. Upon hearing this smashing speech I promptly thought I needed a prescription for lots of limes. I started to show signs of severe vitamin deficiency at the time. Then the question came of excessive lime and zinc exposure from the nearby Tennessee mineral industry. Do you like these theories? Then I heard about Lyme disease, rather hard luck I should say. So, what protocol do you use for Lyme? Never mind. I want you to call in low dose Naltrexone to Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy here in Atlanta, and I want to start at the lowest dose of 1.5mg.” I requested in my most important looking manner.

I thought he was going to fall off his stool, but he took it in stride and laughed until he could laugh no more.

“Don’t put me down yet. Though I have not dreamed another wink, I still have plenty of life left. I have made up my mind to sink my well six hundred feet deeper and to keep on drilling. And I will hold on until I have conquered this thing with a special thrill.” I stated

~ §tacy §weeney

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