The Most High

Paintings become dense and alive when both form & landscape are combined. In Homer’s, “Along the Road, Bahamas,” and other select complements I admire, I feel tall, centered and cheerful. I sense both wind and water energy here, and the nonrenewable resources of time and atmosphere. Homer did this one right, and it makes me feel so light.

Winslow Homer (1836-1910)
Along the Road, Bahamas
Watercolor on paper
Private collection

Rising to the sky Saturday night before, clear and close at hand, was a gorgeous, full lit moon. Humming like “The Little Drummer Boy” into a barn apartment on the Allen property we moved. It was our first Sabbath in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Chattooga County, and a witness to me that the most high creator is also the most high possessor of heaven and Earth.

The Most High

I hear that the most high ~ whispers in the wind ~ that he’s still around ~ and we can rest in him

I ask for the most high ~ to be part of this ~ fill my peace of mind ~ life’s better when he is

“Sloop Nassau” Winlow Homer

blessed be the most high ~ possessor of heaven and earth ~ the footstool of his rest

“Road in Bermuda” Winslow Homer

I pray to the most high ~ past wrongs have no place ~ he put so much love down for you ~ in varied hues of grace

I believe the most high ~ quiet as a landscape ~ brings about new energy ~ came one that escaped

“Salt Kettle, Bermuda” Winslow Homer

blessed be the most high ~ possessor of heaven and earth ~ and we rest together
~ §tacy §weeney

“Homosassa River” Winslow Homer
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