Ears are for Hearing

Sunday, I sold the boys on a long trip to teamLab digital art experience at the Mall of Georgia, with a bonus trip to the Lego store at Discovery Mills. I don’t like shopping malls. Malls are for people who don’t have everything, and besides, I’m like a lion in a China shop.

Since Christmas 2015 in Nashville, I’ve had hearing loss and imbalance. No big deal, I live Roy’s Nursing Theory of Adaptation. Nursing theories frame, explain or define the practice of nursing. She sees the individual as a set of interrelated systems (biological, psychological, and social). The individual strives to maintain a balance between these systems and the outside world, but there is no absolute level of balance. Individuals strive to live within a unique band in which he or she can cope adequately. Long have I mulled over my my own nursing theory that comprises three domain concepts: listening, touching, and being there.

Keller Blue 2013
Caiden Finn 2013

Upon entering Discovery Mills was a path well marked … free hearing clinic! How fun! We all had our hearing tested followed with a video otoscope projected onto a big screen monitor for all to see, much like my pear posted here tonight. Can you see the light reflex of my inner ear, the walls of my ear canal painted with a mass of hardened ear wax? Well, the clinical associate extracted all that so I could hear, and my balance improved. Now, I can hear loudly, and clearly. What a discovery!!

ear wax
Pear and Plum, 2016, oil on 12″x16″panel

Later that evening, I googled, “ear wax,” to see what else I could learn about this oily protective barrier to the brain. There seems to be a higher incidence of ear wax accumulation in certain populations. Come to find out, I’m Asian and mentally retarted.

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