The Big Picture

my frame of reference is so small
lost in my world of art, far, far removed
where i get to tell my side of the story
where everything is about me
i believe i’m entitled to comfort and ease
after all…

i never look at the big picture
that I can’t do whatever i want
be a thief
i’m naive
like run and leave
so stubborn
that i cant branch out
and get help
twisted utterances
self sufficient, independent
me against everybody
even to the extreme
of enemies

gentle invitation
not an obligation
self protection
not rejection
i never put blame
on myself where it belongs
i never apologized…

drag me to the well
dangling prayers
i’m repeatedly let off the hook
i bleed into everythinghalf plum

my sacrifices are only self-pity
i’m a leader, part of a team
and we’re losing because of me

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