a little chit chat: for all it’s worth

JSSargent “Miss Eden”

I confess my lack of faith in myself and my art, and I’m embarrassed by my earlier attempts as a beginning art student. I have not even given art a fair shake. I have not elevated myself much beyond a worldly view of product over process.

I’s been four years since I was introduced to DiDomizio’s Art School. I was interested in the art school only as a hobby that I puttered in and around with at odd moments, and as a powerful tool for urban ministry.

I didn’t know I would fall in love with art. I have a bona fide desire and determination to give art all the concentration and diligent practice that a fine, old world artist demands. Unfortunately, my learned habits, “don’t ask” and “don’t feel” are killing me.

Something shifted in my thinking over the weekend. I sent an e-mail to DiDomizio at the last minute. This is what I wrote:

Can I please come to my first landscape workshop Jan. 30-31? I feel like I need more guidance from you.

He responded:

I am glad you decided to do art seriously. I look forward to your art going to the next level. You will need to mix three palettes of this and that and have the attached image drawn in before the session.

I replied back:

I don’t know what I was thinking. This is too hard, and I’m mad I even thought about it.

My story and personality, endowed with emotion, ideas, and narrow perception, however inaccurate, are my best marks. It’s like saying, who would or wouldn’t prefer personal handwriting from a font type? A portrait or a photograph? A live show or a recording?

I want to decorate my walls with color, shape, and contrast, and put my art into practical channels, not some stiff portfolio. I want every possible chance for success, but I guess success doesn’t come from throwing things and slamming doors at the asylum.

The demand for fine, well executed work, so I hear, far exceeds the supply. My art teacher has told me, “You’re better than you think.”

So let us get on with our work.
~ Stacy

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