Cougar Rock, Mt. Rainier, WA 2012
From the beginning I was called
I was called
to leave all and follow, you
from the beginning I was told
I was told
foxes have their holes
birds have a nest
but the Son had no place
no place to rest _____Luke9:57-62
I don’t want to live in a black hole anymore
how can I ever be
ever be happy
buy a hat to match the air
it’s a painful thing to be trapped
fell straight down around me
where it comes and where it fits
the way you do the things you do
I ran quickly out of wits
a little bit of sea oats
grown on brittle yellow grass
the beach is calling
calling me out
out like the tide
until I felt myself stranded
sandcastle candles melt by my side
this planet’s calling
calling me out
out of my mind

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