Money Man

gray scale (2 of 8)
gray scale portrait study by
John Singer Sargent


I don’t like the way
you do the things you do
pushed you in a corner
to rid the Roman rule

I ran quickly out the door
in rebellion I was making
worldly riches with a kiss_Matt 26:15, 48
I know His heart was breaking

He said the Kingdom of God
is not of this world
and uttered only
troubled words

I didn’t mean to hurt you
I should have known better
true repentance should fix everything
when you open up this letter

please take back my selfish sack _Matt 27:1-5
I ask myself what was the cost
He wrapped a towel around my waist
allowed me to grasp the cross

He prepared a table in the presence of my enemies ____Psalm 23
that’s the way He rolls the dice
I don’t take it personal
Christ already paid the price

~ Judas Iscariot

story from John 13:1-30

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